Monday, February 17, 2014

Rejoice, Americans: Cadbury Creates a Ritz Cracker Mash-Up

Although the US may be the unspoken leader when it comes to creative flavor combinations (e.g. peanut butter and jelly, chocolate covered salty pretzels, vanilla cupcake flavored Goldfish crackers, to name a few), it seems as though the UK is catching up.

Recently, Cadbury released these small, snack-pack bars of Ritz crackers encased in Cadbury milk chocolate. Genius, no? I found them when I was whizzing through my local Tesco Express, engrossed in my shopping list. I walked past the stand and then did a slow-motion backwards walk (yes, really) after doing a double-take. At 50p per bar, I grabbed two, then two more on a later excursion with John to the same Tesco. I tend to hoard junk food like there's going to be an apocalypse and the only foodstuffs we'll be able to survive on are calorific, artery-blocking gems like these. If the zombies come, you'll find me in the boiler closet, wedged between a stockpile of toilet paper and Kleenex, clutching my Cadbury Ritz bars.

Anyway, they're delicious - obviously. I think they've added a bit more salt to the Ritz in these bars, however, as I don't think Ritz crackers out of the box are normally this salty. All the better, as the milk chocolate and salty cracker crunch make a terrific combination.

And true to form, one of my British followers on Twitter tweeted me the following comment after I posted the photo above online: "That looks disgusting."

Happy eating your emotions. You'll thank me later.

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