Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Care Packages

There are days when, no matter how many chocolate digestives I've consumed, cups of sugary Yorkshire gold tea I've gulped down, or fantastically friendly conversations I've had with people throughout the day, I'm just plain homesick and I want to be anywhere but here.  Nothing makes the feeling go away, no matter how deep I try to bury it. 

Despite a great dinner in Chinatown (yep, Cafe de Hong Kong gets a sort-of-two-thumbs-up from me) and a beautiful flat to come home to, I was feeling glum.  I trudged up the steps to the front door of my block of apartments and did the usual quick scan for any mail.  A small padded envelope with my name on it in familiar handwriting made me smile and when I opened it upstairs, this was inside:

Yep, that's right - an adorable Little Miss book (personalized with multiple changes to the story made with a ball point pen), the most stylish card EVER, and two chic French postcards addressed to me and John with messages on the back.  My first mail at this address.  I sat by myself in my empty flat and laughed out loud - I mean, I really laughed.  It felt great.  Thank you, Udita - for everything.

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