Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trashy Television

When I come home from a hard day's work (sort of), I like to veg out in front of the TV (please note, I don't currently own a TV ... this is back in the day when I used to have one).  Specifically, I like to watch trash TV - preferably American reality shows if they're available.  Yes, I'm confessing my worst vice:  I love, I repeat, love trashy TV shows.  The trashier the better. 

This is a problem in the UK, where trashy TV shows are lacking and the worst you can get is either Eastenders (or similar prime time soap operas with terrible acting) or Big Brother, which we Americans were over like, so long ago.  No, these days, when I come home and switch on the TV, it's "The Best of British Gardens" or "The Complete History of Scotland Part I of XIV" or "Antique Roadshow" or "Jamie Oliver's Great American Whatever" (which sucked by the way, he needed to stop calling every Latino or black person "bruvva" and reinventing their already fantastic recipes). 

It's the end of a frustrating day.  Do I really want to watch an incomprehensible Geordie give me the low-down on Scottish history?  Do I want to find out the best way to prune the plants in my non-existent garden?  Or find out how much Claire's mother's ex-partner's great-great-great grand relative's moldy chest is worth today?  NO.

I want to watch vacant blondes who don't pronounce any vowels in their words ("Srsly?  Rly?  Yu nd Jsn?  Tghthr?") prance around the screen in pretend situations (The Hills).  I want to watch rich bitches from Orange County/Manhattan/Atlanta/New Jersey (The Real Housewives Of series) teeter in their Louboutins and ask their multi-million dollar husbands for more money. 

Judge me all you want, but I'm not ashamed.  Everyone has their own way of "unwinding".  I just wish England would stop being all classy and start acting a bit trashy.  Never gonna happen.

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  1. er.."terrible acting" on Eastenders... not in my day!

  2. Srsly???? you should rly think about watching "the hills" on yr wifi. its suuuhh cool.

  3. Bindy, I'll have you know I freaking LIVE for Eastenders. Never missed an episode till I moved in with you know who.

  4. As you know, I love trashy TV too. Here are some shows that you can watch online (full episodes): Secrets of Aspen (Vh1) Celebrity Rehab (Vh1) Fantasia for Real (Vh1). I love the Bold & Beautiful (CBS) and...Real housewives of New Jersey (Bravo) is coming up this spring! Project Runway (season 7) on lifetime.

  5. Thanks Piper! Yeah, I remember the days when I came down to visit you in the basement of 1837 and we watched America's Next Top Model on your TV ... the good old days!


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