Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Want Me A Corn Dog Real Bad

Yesterday, a co-worker turned to me and expressed her desire for a stack of American-style pancakes with crispy (or as they call it here, "streaky") bacon smothered in Aunt Jemima (I advised her of this) syrup and it turned a switch on in me that's been off for a long time: a sudden desire for a corn dog.  Yes, that's right, I know that pancakes and corn dogs don't have any correlation but stay with me here: a hot dog coated in batter and deep fried in oil, my friends.  Far worse than a chip butty, but at least uh, it has a protein element to it.  Sort of.  Vegetarians and vegans turn away (unless you have a vegan corn dog, which sounds even sicker than the original thing) because I have a craving for one (or two ... or four) I just can't shake.  It needs to be dipped in mustard and ketchup too.  I don't know where this hankering came from.  As a child, I hated corn dogs.  My mom (and dad, because you know, I lived in a pretty progressive household where my dad cooked at least 1 or 2 meals on occasion) never made them and I made puking noises every time I saw it on the hot lunch schedule at school.  But then again, school lunch turned me off pizzas (I had a little um, vomiting incident after a slice of school pizza once) and I can't live without them now, so ... not surprised they kept me from my secret love of corn dogs either.  In the coming weeks (read: more like days), I am hoping to recruit one or two fellow Americans (or gutsy Brits) to join me on the quest for corn dog satisfaction at The Diner in Soho.  Anyone with?

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  1. If I were in London, I would happily join you on your corn dog quest. (In fact, reading this just made me crave a hot dog from a NYC street vendor... and it's not even 8AM here.) Enjoy your delicious, deep fried snack!

  2. DEAL. You come to London, we search out corn dogs! Go eat one for me now!

  3. UN! we want to see how your mom and dad packed all the stuff :-) For sure little OZ had a FUN ride. The back is huge and very spacious. We love extraordinary adventures too. Golden Woofs,


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