Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Morning Tube Rant: Hi, Paris Hilton Called - She Wants Her Sunnies Back

Hi, person at Warwick Avenue tube station.  Love your new gladiator sandals - so this season, plus, gold is totally your color.  Isn't it great that the sun is FINALLY out and we have warm weather, just in time for the Bank Holiday this weekend?  What's that?  Oh yeah, I'm loving it too.  Ooh, nice sunnies.  Are those Tom Fords?  No?  Chanel?  Even better. 

One small problem:  YOU'RE UNDERGROUND.  Why do people like you insist on wearing your sunnies underground?  Do the bright lights of the train coming out of the tunnel provoke a seizure?  Or is it the the lights in the carriage itself that really bother you?  Do you wear them in winter too?  Don't worry, there isn't any paparazzi here, so you're safe from the flashing bulbs.  Oh, what, so you're not, like, a celebrity?  Wait - why do celebrities wear their sunnies indoors?  Oh they don't?  Just Paris?  And maybe the Kardashians?  Yeah, that's what I thought. 

Next time, be glad you weren't on this driver's train.  And mind the gap - that is, if you can see it.


  1. Ha, I always wear my sunglasses on the subway in the morning. I just don't want to see people, make eye contact, or admit to myself that I'm out of my cozy bed, conquering the world. Don't hate! ;)

  2. Do you wear them year round? Or only in the summer months? Let me also clarify - I am ok with wearing sunglasses on the Overground trains or trains that actually go outside ... anything underground is a bit much IMO, but I'm sure you rock them anyway, Lindsey. :P

  3. I literally wear them year-round. It's sunny in the winter sometimes! But I don't wear them on a rainy/gray day unless I'm in a particularly grouchy mood. And yes, they are properly rocked!


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