Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Visit From The Fairy Godmother Of Shopping

When you can't afford even a spontaneous Primark shopping spree with your paycheck and you're missing the outlet stores of the States, you begin to develop a sort of crazed envy of other women who can, not only afford such said purchases, but are able to buy the things you've seen in shop windows and longingly gazed at when passing (did you get all that?  Because it was probably the longest run-on sentence known to humankind, so I'm not sure you did.  Basically, what I said was, "I'm too poor to buy pretty things."  That's it.).  But today, I had a little visit from the Fairy Godmother of Shopping, who clearly took pity on me while I was asleep last night, and waved her magic wand.

1)  After being invited to Net-A-Porter's outlet sister site's first anniversary £1 sale, I managed to nab this lovely Jonathan Saunders dress (pictured left) that was originally £895 for £1, plus postage and handling, which was £5.95.  Now I only pray that it makes it safely through the postal system and that it fits.  I know I was very lucky as a lot of people left empty-handed, including Adeline, who invited me to the sale in the first place, so I felt guilty as ever (howevernot that guilty as she just divulged that she splurged on a Chanel lipstick yesterday, bitch).

2)  Halfway through my morning, a purchase I'd been waiting for nearly a month (don't even ask) for from arrived, which made me really happy.

3)  I got a lovely set of book cover postcards for free through work, which will be added to my desk stationery drawer.  That also made me glow with happiness. 

So whilst I've been a bit unlucky in the money department lately in terms of not being able to buy every single lovely thing I've spied in Zara, I thank Goddess for the Fairy Godmother of Shopping who came to visit me today and who bestowed upon me some magical cheer before the weekend.

Rock on.

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  1. Aaah I'm so pleased you managed to get something! Trying to refresh that stupid page every two secs was incredibly frustrating.
    Can't wait to see what that gorgeous dress looks like, I'm drooling a little bit on my keyboard...

    And yes, my Chahnehl lipstick is oh so pretty, dahling. I is classy.

  2. OMG, read that blog I linked to under "empty-handed" - girls were crazy angry!


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