Monday, April 26, 2010

My Secret Addiction: Muller Rice

I may bitch and moan and complain about the lack of snack foods available in the UK compared to the US, but one thing is for certain - I'm hooked on Muller yogurts.

When I first came over to the UK in 2005, I discovered the addictive Muller corners, which contained fruit compote (or broken up digestive biscuit bits, toffee hoops, or something called "choco balls" if you're feeling a bit more indulgent) in one corner and yogurt in the other.  Bend the little plastic thingy and mix with a spoon.  Et voila, you've officially entered yogurt heaven AKA snack time.

The second time I arrived in the UK was to complete an MA at the University of York and I found myself craving snacks during my afternoons of furiously typing up papers on Milton's monsters or Donne's death shroud (needless to say, it was a cheerful year).  In short, I became a Muller rice addict.  It didn't help that they were almost always on offer at my local Tesco and I filled my basket with the Vanilla Custard, Raspberry, Blueberry, Apple and Cherry flavors.  Rice pudding on top, fruit on the bottom.  Part of the fun is in the stir.  There's something uniquely satisfying about mixing in the fruit with the pudding to make a yummy taste sensation and feeling partly responsible (like, 1%) for the delicious results.

And in inspecting the label just now, I've seen that you can eat them either hot or cold.  Heaven.

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  1. OH BOY. I discovered their yoghurts only last summer when I randomly picked a cherry jam/yoghurt with dark chocolate shavings combination - by far the best yoghurt I've ever had in this country. Sadly it was a limited edition; I tried recreating it at home by adding dark chocolate to my yoghurt but I guess I'd need to add sugar too to get more or less the same taste..

    Sigh. I want that yoghurt back.
    I also forgot to add: I'm all about not mixing the two. I take a bit of the jam and a bit more yoghurt in one spoonful; stressful because you want to have it right so you're not left with too much of one or the other at the end, but oh so gratifying when you do get it right!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Muller eating technique with me, Advah. I used to do the same, until I saw someone mixing it one day and decided to do it that way. To be honest, I liked the "old way" better and don't know why I changed, but sadly, I feel as though I can never go back.


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