Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chip Butttaaaaayyyyyy

Oh well now, that's rich.  Brits (some, not all - not everyone is an ignoramus) like to spout off about how unhealthy and fat and obese and lazy Americans are, and then they come up with this wonderful creation and expect me to keep quiet?  I'm not sure if you can see this, but those are fries - yes, FRIES - between two halves of a hamburger bun.  Yes, that's right, FRIES + BREAD = chip butty.  But you have to say it like a Leicester local: "chip buttayyy".  Not, "chip butty."  Chip buttayyyyy.  No, not "booootayy", "buttayyy."  Can you see the grease on the paper?  Gross, huh?  So after you purchase this artery clogger from your local "chippy" ("chippay" AKA fish and chip shop), you're supposed to sprinkle liberally with salt and a good shake of vinegar and eat with ketchup.  I'd like to say it's yummy, but it's not really.  Just ... weird.


  1. Bland and disgusto. For the weak-stomached who cannot handle the spice.

  2. I can see the ex-pats of Benidorm munching this up ...

  3. A statement of High Treason and more than valid grounds for deportation.

  4. Thanks, mate. But I meant Benidorm the TV show, so as not to cause offense to the real Benidorm sun worshippers.

  5. it's munched up in Benidorm alright. treason to say its not yummy

  6. this looks gross but amazing. i'm pretty sure i've done this before at burger king or another fine establishment.


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