Thursday, February 25, 2010

Liberty & Co.

Before John moved to his new flashy job in the City, he used to work in Oxford Circus AKA retail heaven.  By his office was a gorgeous Tudor building that boasted in famous script, Liberty.  I'd walk by, in a rush, usually, after work to meet John for a show or for dinner and pass this amazing landmark in the dark - only able to glance in its carefully designed window displays dressed with mannequins draped in Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and other designers I only dared to dream of ever wearing. This store with the fantastic windows, of course, unbeknownst to me for quite a while, was actually  Liberty & Co., the long-established department store (I prefer the word "emporium"), more famous for its original "liberty print" than the designers it boasts.  Although I can only really afford to buy one button in this magnificent store (not joking), it is really worth walking through to admire its Vivienne Westwood shoe collection or accessories counter with Miu Miu headbands casually thrown into a glass bowl. 

So when fellow friend and chic Londoner (her, not me), Jodi, alerted me to Liberty's new collection for Target this spring, I was ecstatic, to say the least.  Although the collection hasn't opened yet, the preview on the website promises an array of wonderful designs, such as liberty print teapots, bikes, and throws.  So if you're lucky enough to be near a Target in the US, do look out for it.  In the meantime, mom, if you're reading this, can you please scope it out for me?

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  1. I feel so special, like a secret source on a big news story!

    I went to an amazing Liberty sample sale last year and got so much good stuff (shirts, ties, wallets, etc) - when I hear of another one, I'll send you an invite and we'll make a shopping date!


  2. Ow Ow...Love it!
    I'll keep you updated on Libertarget happenings. Jodi, your booty from the Liberty sample sale was lovely!

    Kendra (Jodi's American Sister)

  3. Haha, Jodi, you ARE a secret source! Keep the secrets coming! And please tell me when the Liberty sample sale comes around!

    Kendra, so great to finally meet you (if only through the internet) and thanks for reading! Let me know what you scout out at Target. Going over to your blog now ...


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