Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Part 1: Cat and the Cream

Move over Hummingbird, there's a new bakery in town and I daresay, for all your snobbery and long queues, this one makes even more charming and attractive cupcakes.  Threatened?  You should be.  Meet Cat and the Cream, the "brainchild of 25-year-old Cat Lyne" based in Dulwich Village.  When I hopped out of bed this morning, a trail of red tulip petals led me to these delightful treats and a wonderful card on the dining table.  As far as artistic presentation goes, Cat and the Cream gets an A+ for me (and an A*, if you're from the UK).  The photo above simply does *not* do them justice.  Taste-wise, they also don't disappoint.  The chocolate cupcake topped with (what appears to be - I haven't tried it yet) a necco-wafer heart candy was moist and the frosting rich and creamy.  And for all you vegans out there, I've discovered she also makes a Vegan Chocolate flavor, featured on the website.  I, myself, am dying to try the Chai and Pistachio combination. 

A++ to the boy who knows that a way to a girl's heart is truly through her tummy.

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