Thursday, July 8, 2010

More American Stores, Please

In the past two days, I visited Banana Republic in Covent Garden three times during their summer sale for birthday gifts (and maybe a little £6.99 skirt gift for myself).  "Excuse me," I said excitedly to a shop assistant, while lifting up a skirt.  "Are these, like, in American sizes?"  I could not hide the happiness from my expression at her confirmation that yes, the clothes were the same as the US version (unlike Gap, whose European line and sizing are particular to ... Europe, which is, you know, great and all, but I still can't figure out if I'm a size 6 or size 12 in the UK.  Besides, it feels so much better to buy a 2 in Banana).  Something akin to pure joy rushes at me when I step into the BR store on Regent Street or Covent Garden (to be honest, nothing much less than joy rushes at me when I step into any retail store).  There's something so familiar, so homey, so American about the smart, preppy clothes and suiting meant for work - the lovely clean lines of classic-cut twill blazers and dresses that almost brings me to my knees.  I'm not even kidding (you don't want to know what happened when Anthropologie opened on Regent Street.  All I'm going to say is:  face pressed up against the window).  Truth is, BR is one of the places I hit up first when I go home the the US, and where I stock up on all my preppy essentials.  Brits don't do preppy, they do trendy.  They look flawless, on-trend and original.  We look like store mannequins (or at least, I do.  My style consists of seeing a Gap mannequin I like and buying everything in the same color scheme from top to toe).  And I'm okay with that.  In fact, I'm more than okay with it, I love it. 

I heard a rumor that Victoria's Secret is coming soon to the UK (airports don't count).  I sincerely hope that's true and not just someone pulling my leg, because if I can start buying my underwear in bulk, I'll be sorted - no more 5 for $25 trips to the mall when I go home and hauling panties back across the ocean. 

Watch out, Britain.  We're taking you over.  One Krispy Kreme at a time.  Cackle, cackle!

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  1. I'm SO with you on the VS thing! I always stock up when I'm at home :) Keep me posted.

  2. Agreed, La Senza just *doesn't* do it for me. The best I've found in comparison is Intermissimi and Tenzenis on Oxford Street - but nothing like VS!

  3. Great post! I love VS 5 for $25, and I know what you mean about Anthro, I'm OBSESSED with it right now.

    What BR skirt did you buy? A few weeks ago, I scored a less than $20 tulip(?) skirt there in black, with an elastic waist band. It's a go-to item for me this summer because I can sweat in it AND eat until I feel about ready to pass out. So worth my money.

  4. I got this skirt, M: it was originally £49 reduced to £6.99 - what a deal! Yours sounds adorable - please blog about it!


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