Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Need New Music? Join Rough Trade's The Album Club (Or Just Trade iPods).

I traded iPods with John the other day and I've never been happier - all of a sudden, the likes of Tupac, Biggie Smalls and These New Puritans were flooding my ears on my commute to work.  While I confess I'm not particularly a huge fan of any of the above, the most important thing is that trading iPods gives me access to new music - music that I wouldn't normally listen to and music that I've become addicted to (ahem, Local Natives).

My friend Orianna came up with a great idea via Facebook, which consisted of getting twelve people together (who may or may not know each other) to make mixed CDs for one another.  I was assigned the month of April and obviously never got around to it, but having received a mix from someone in Australia this weekend, I've been inspired and have vowed to create mine ... soon.

Anyway, another great way to get new music is to join a CD club, which John has done.  Rough Trade Records in Brick Lane (although there are other locations) is the trendiest go-to-place for new music in London.  And for £12 a month, you can join The Album Club, which is Rough Trade's pick of the best album releases that month and what they think you should be listening to - and which, might I add, is almost always very, very good.  Recent posts have included Grizzly Bear, Fever Ray, The XX (wayyy before they were huge and on every television commercial you can think of), Local Natives, The Very Best and a recent favorite of mine, Surfer Blood (think Weezer before they sold out and started making crappy music).  If anything else, it's just refreshing to hear something different coming through your earbuds rather than Gaga, Kylie and Gaga 24/7. 

Meanwhile, here's a song I've been listening on repeat all week - enjoy:

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  1. My weekly source of new music (the presenter/DJ has a rather annoying voice, but more than made up for by the consistently good choice of tunes) http://kitsunenoir.com/category/kitsune-noir-mixcast/

  2. Cool, thanks - I'll have to check that out.


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