Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crackin' Cracklin' Pork Belly Roast

If you haven't noticed, I was a bit MIA this past week from my usual blogging duties, as my parents were visiting from the grand ol' U S of A and I had to give them my full, undivided attention (read: my mom stole my Mac to check the state of her stocks and the stock market every 2 seconds, thus rendering me unable to blog).  Now that they're gone (sob), I'm able to resume my daily, self-indulgent ramblings about absolutely nothing. 

With that said, after a tiring day traipsing around a windy and overcast Greenwich Market (one of my favorites in London) and searching for 0'0 longitude AKA the home of Greenwich Mean Time (which we found, btw), it was expressed (bizarrely, by my mother) that we should have roast pork to reward our efforts.

While this could have been remedied by a quick trip down the road to The Elgin, John and I decided it would be more fun to cook and dine at home.  We raced to Waitrose Bayswater before closing time and clocked the above ingredients (plus a recipe for the apple compote above, which I'm actually still not that sure about - it probably would have helped had I read the directions stating that the balsamic vinegar was to go ON the pork, rather than IN the apple mixture.  Oops, my bad).  John prepared the meat and potatoes, I did the girly bits (the buttered leeks and apple sauce).

Mmm, mmm good.


  1. YOU made THAT? :clap clap clap: well done!

  2. I only did the leeks and sauce, sadly. John did the rest, including his delectable gravy from scratch. He was so insulted when I suggested using Bisto granules instead.


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