Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Cake Time (A Few Days Late): Apple & Cinnamon

I had wanted to make apple and cinnamon pancakes for breakfast last Sunday, but ... for some reason, never got around to it (I was also late to yoga that day, which is so unlike me, as I'm usually half an hour early to everything!).  I was having one of those days. 

However, I didn't want my deliciously sweet Pink Lady apples to go to waste and I knew I had all the ingredients to make the perfect apple and cinnamon cake, so at around 9 pm on a Sunday evening, I decided to furiously throw all the ingredients together in a bowl from this fabulous BBC GoodFood recipe (my go-to recipes for almost everything - I discovered a BBC GoodFood cake recipe book at Alison's house this weekend and thought about temporarily kidnapping it).  Note to self:  STOP BAKING AT 9 PM.  Last time, I made brownies for the boys returning from a stag do and didn't finish until 12 a.m.  I must have poked a knife into that thing about 20 times to check if it was ready. 

I deviated from the recipe a little bit, as it calls for one egg and 100 ml of milk and I used more like one and a half eggs and 150 ml of milk, as my mixture wasn't quite gooey and wet at the end of the process, so I would advise doing that as well.   I also dumped a lot of cinnamon in, as the recipe called for a "sprinkling" and I didn't think that would be enough.  And though the recipe tells you to put the mixture in a circular tin, I dumped mine in a loaf tin instead and it worked well.  The cake came out tasting like a baked apple pie in cake form - warm and delicious.  The best part about this particular recipe is that it's not too sweet, so you don't feel sickly after eating too many slices ... or maybe that's a bad thing!


  1. Yummmm! This reminds of the time we made creme brulee in Dickinson in the wee hours of the night. We must have opened and closed the fridge to check on it at least 10 times because we couldn't wait to eat it!

  2. Hey, I remember that! It was that sweltering summer and Courtnee had the mini blow-torch ... that was so much fun, although that was a miserable summer for me. Your brief stay definitely cheered me up!


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