Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Cake Time!: Chocolate (Walnut) Brownie Cake

My friend Shirin has the best baking blog EVER.  Every mouth-watering entry is accompanied by photos of the process and her directions are straight-forward and easy to follow.  Although I have yet to try one of her delicious recipes (I lost my American measuring implements somewhere between Greville Road and Sutherland Avenue during The Move last year), I click on every update I receive from her in my Blogger Dashboard.

So this post is dedicated to Shirin, really, since she inspires me to bake - and not in those, pretentious-I-take-artistic-photos-of-my-creations-because-I'm-the-next-big-baking-blogger blog posts way, but a I-simply-love-to-bake-and-share-what-I-made way.  Did you follow that?  No, me neither.

Rambling aside, JK was off to a stag-do (read: bachelor party for all my American friends) yesterday so I had lots of girly free time on my hands, which translated into reading glossy magazines, taking a nap, watching Britain's Got Talent, then Britain's Got More Talent, then ransacking my cupboard and fridge for available items to bake with.  I found this great recipe on BBC Good Food (which I use a LOT) and threw in a handful of walnuts since I had some leftover from my last carrot cake venture.  I also used a loaf tin instead of a cake tin, because ... well, I felt like it.  This increased my cooking time by approximately 35 minutes, which had me yawning but catching the first half of one of my favorite rom-coms, The Holiday.  By the time Kate Winslet helped the little old guy back to his home and they had their "meet-cute" (if you're not familiar with the movie, you won't get this), the brownie-cake was ready. 

Good thing too, because an hour after I drifted off to dreamland, the boys stumbled in, drunk and happy to find a batch of warm brownie slices waiting on the kitchen counter for them, before passing out.


  1. That looks delicious! Is it weird baking using the metric system? Do you have a scale to measure with?

    Also, I love The Holiday. It's hard to find people that agree with me!

  2. Thanks, Mel! Pretty embarrassing since your baking skills outshine mine by miles.

    It was really weird switching over to metric and I refused to at first, bringing over my own measuring cups from Target, etc. (even though you can buy them here). I love the ones you blogged about recently! But I grudgingly accepted it, bought a cheap scale and am used to it now.

    Who doesn't love The Holiday??? It's so good! It's got JACK BLACK in it!!! I love the opening scene.

  3. :) My favorite scene is when they show the girls' special tent. I swooned.

  4. Ah, yes, that is v. sweet.

    The whole movie is sweet - I love the transatlantic element, of course. :)

  5. This is the cutest post ever! You seriously made me kinda teary...too sweet :) I wish we lived closer so we could bake for each other! These look deeee-lish

  6. And I followed every word of what you said, for the record ;)


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