Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Fab

What has sprinkles, chocolate and ice cream, in the form of pastel-colored popsicle goodness?  Fab.  Yes, it's fab and called Fab - how fab is that?

After driving for hours on probably one of the hottest days of the year in England (with no A/C, mind you), poor John desperately needed a gas station stop - for a popsicle (which they call "iced lollies" here, bizarrely.  Sounds like something Stewie from Family Guy would say.  I stubbornly stick to saying "popsicle" and roll my eyes when British people can't understand what I want.  Obnoxious?  Yes).  He picked a boring orange Calippo while I chose the clearly more exciting and satisfying Fab, although what I could have really used (and what I'm sure John would have preferred) was a giant-sized Slurpee from the gas stations in the States. 

Oh well, an iced treat is an iced treat and the Fab is probably the best of all.


  1. You know what I was amazed with as a Yank in London? The Twister. An super-tasty popsicle treat

  2. Yeah I like Twisters too, but I got tired of them after buying a box from Asda and was the only one who ate them.


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