Monday, June 14, 2010

Team USA: Bring It On

I have to admit, that after all my huffing and puffing about how much I didn't care about the World Cup, I spent this weekend with a crazed look in my eye, hollering and jumping at the TV when Germany whooped Australia's ass (to my delight - sorry, Cristy) and spending most of my Monday morning wishing I was parked on my couch at home ... watching the games. 

Yep, I repent.  I love the World Cup. 

It's so exciting!  When Ghana scored their first goal, I almost wept.  And even though the vuvuzelas have me swotting at my ear every so often because I think there's a mosquito in it, I still insist the volume is turned up so I can hear every bit of commentary.  It's so sad.

But when it came down to which team I was rooting for on Saturday, I had no doubts - USA, of course.  John seemed shocked.  "Why not?"  I said.  "It's my home country and of course I would want them to beat England ... however unlikely that is!"  So when the score turned out to be a tie, I wasn't too upset. 

John had his second shock of the week when I blurted out, "Why don't you have your friends over sometime this week to watch a game here?  We've got the projector."  He slowly regarded me from his place on the couch, as if I had grown two horns on my head.  "Yes," he said tentatively.  "That's a good idea ..." But I wasn't listening - I was too busy daydreaming about all the snacks and cakes I could make for this World Cup partay.

Bring it on.

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  1. Am not sure cakes and snacks are the sort of refrershment one offers one's guests at a "chez nous" fortball party. From what I hear it's pizzas, cola & greasy burgers your guests will expect. One reason I have always declined any such invitations.


  2. Ah, flash_in_the_CAM is back - on top form, nonetheless! Oh how I have missed your witty, cutting, snobbish comments.

    Love from,

    Your not-so-secret admirer xx

  3. ha. i'm glad you repent but why would you be rooting for the US? we suck. not that i'm rooting for england either, i've always been a diehard brazil fan. ever since i was a wee something watching with my dad. (really, i think i'm a brazil fan cause he was a brazil fan so maybe that's not such a great reason but they also happen to play beautifully).

  4. A "wee something" ... Rhea, have you become Scottish? So cute. Please don't tell me you were cheering for Brasil yesterday - how could you not want the underdog North Korea to at least draw (though it would NEVER happen) with Brasil, especially after all that crying from that one N. Korean player??? So emotional, I could have watched that game 3 times over (actually I kind of watched it twice since I saw the whole game from start to finish, then watched the highlights when John got back). I'm obsessed.

    It's not about the way the teams play or perform, more about the country pride ... and I guess living in England has finally brought out the patriotic American in me.


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